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Project Statement

In the series, The Apprehension of Sentimentality: Returning Home and the Patterns You  Find, Adrian Breceda showcases his return to his childhood home and the relationships he explores with queerness, identity, growth, domestic life, and loss. Breceda invites the viewer to the patterns of his childhood home and the nature around them paired with the interpersonal patterns Breceda finds though revisiting their childhood home and the reflections of self that comes with that. 

While interested in the forms of Victorian Cobweb Valentines, Breceda pairs patterns in the rooms of their home with narratives of interpersonal patterns underneath on smaller circles while in the middle Breceda pairs images of the nature surrounding the home and the safe spaces outside the home. With laser cutting on archival pigment prints Breceda then sews into a pulley structure to allow the viewer to see through the images and engage viewers to get in close to these intimate moments of self discovery. 

Through this series Breceda showcases a journey of self discovery, grief, and working through their reevaluation of childhood. Through the visuals of domestic motifs, rural landscapes, and portraiture Breceda explores the relationships and patterns of their childhood home and the intersection of nostalgia and dread one feels once revisiting the place once called home. 

The Apprehension of Sentimentality: Image
The Apprehension of Sentimentality: Pro Gallery
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