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Project Statement

Recapture is a series that speaks to the degrading, overlapping of time, memory, and relationships. 

Thinking about the history of the pedestrian, specifically my family. I started by thinking about memory and the way photography is an archival medium and digitizing an existing archive. Working with facilitating existing family films and prints to create an archive of my own. I digitally collage and manipulate to create work that uses defined archival images and documents to become an obscured visual representation of how many memories can function.

Some pieces from the series use a structure inspired by Victorian Valentine cobweb disguises these pieces are love letters to those in the images. I see these beautiful structures as delicate and born from mass wealth and appropriating their structure to tell stories of those who are not of mass wealth. To allow someone so close to your memories allows a level of intimacy the work shares printing on paper to speak to the lifespan of ourselves over time audience members may tear the paper sculpture being inconsiderate of the materiality of who we are and what we choose to show.

Thinking of the pedestrian and the untold memories that have been lived and then materializing them in front of audiences brings universal conversations of what shapes our lives and shows them that memory of the ordinary is worth showing. 

Recapture: prints from visit to border of Mexico to see relatives 


3x4' Lightbox

laser cut archival pigment prints, charms, lining, led lights

Recapture : Image
Recapture : Pro Gallery
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